Created from the life experiences of its mentor, the Brazilian Reinaldo Domingos, the DSOP Methodology of Financial Education has awakened thousands of families for a sustainable practice of dream fulfillment. By awakening financial awareness in people, the methodology was recognized in the North American academic-scientific environment, because in stable markets the transforming power of this methodology is even greater. Thanks to a behavioral revolution, the quality of life improves and the attainment of our dreams is enhanced through conscious and strategic thinking.

In addition to all the work focused on Financial Education, we have Editora DSOP, which creates content for all ages, from children's education to higher education and in several languages. The books of Editora DSOP are adopted in schools of the most diverse profiles: public, private, languages ... The materials have as main focus the Financial Education for children and adolescents, but all have supplements that attend families, teachers and other employees of the school. In the last 10 years, DSOP has implemented its Methodology in more than 2700 educational institutions in Brazil.

With a branch office in the United States and present on four continents, through partnerships, we are prepared to adapt the materials to the legislation and the sociocultural or educational panorama of each country.

The DSOP Methodology also bases our courses for adults. Some examples are: "Training of Financial Educators"; "Training of Financial Therapists"; "Master in Financial Education"; "Doctorate in Financial Education", and several free on-line or on-line courses of varied duration on various subjects within this theme.

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